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Brand Tenets: How we define quality


Our knowledge in the field comes from decades of experience. Quality Chemicals was founded in 1999, but prior to that, we were a business 40 years in the making. Originally part of the Shell Chemical Jamaica Company, the store of insight and expertise we have gained throughout the years remains unparalleled. Our reputation has driven us to always be on the pulse of local and global trends affecting industry and market.


Beyond our product, Quality Chemicals provides quality service. We have an established reputation with our customers as being very forthright and honest. Additionally, we are also well known for our consistent supply of top-grade product. Our staff can always be depended upon to provide sound advice aimed at helping our customers to meet their business goals.


We warehouse our products locally, meaning we can provide just-in-time inventory for the Jamaican market. Combined with our industry-leading dependability, this allows manufacturers to focus on what they do best- manufacturing. Despite our long-established reputation for speedy service, we are constantly looking for new ways to streamline and to accelerate our processes so as to continue to meet the demands of our customers.


Our relationship with our global family of trading partners allows us to supply the local industry at competitive prices. Combined with our other advantages, we have created a uniquely efficient system of importing, pricing and distribution. It’s an efficiency that allows our customers to increase their own productivity. Our customers consider us a solutions-oriented company- we never balk at a challenge, and we are only satisfied once we have exceeded their expectations.